Luxe and Lace


I have been living in leggings and scarfs this winter. They are so comfy and so easy for any occasion - plus they can go for a dressed up or dressed down look depending on jackets and footwear. When I saw this blanket scarf on my friend's new boutique I knew I had to have it. Also - it pairs perfectly with her basic tops. If you are looking for a solid neutral top - you will want to check out her basics. This is one of my most favorite outfits for winter with a blanket scarf, legging tights tucked into booties, and a leather jacket.

Scarf: Luxe and Lace c/o
Top: Luxe and Lace c/o
Jacket: Forever 21
Leggings: Gap
Shoes: Forever Young

Just like you stopping by here to see the outfits I put together, I have blogs that I stop by to catch their looks. There are some I swing by every once and awhile and there are some I swing by on a regular basis. One of my favorite fashion blogs is actually a girl I was able to meet while I lived in Utah - Jalynn of The Red Closet Diary. She has a very similar build and style to me, so I love checking out the way she puts outfits together since I know I can relate to her in a fashion sense. A few weeks ago she put together a great blanket scarf look and it was the inspiration for this outfit.
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