Arvo Watch


Braids and watches. That is what it is all about these days my friends. I cannot tell you how much I am swooning over them both. A lot of my friends have been showing off their new time gear and I have been growing in envy. I am not the best at wearing accessories, but I can't help but love a good watch. In my mind, a watch states sophistication. And then there are braids... how can I not!? I am learning the art of the dutch braid right now. I keep seeing braids in every corner and I just started following Instabraid on the gram - clearly I am not alone in my braid obsession because they have over 1 million followers. So you can follow along in my attempts to braid through all my posts. Here is attempt number one with the dutch braid.

Top: Pink Blush
Cardigan: Downeast Basics
Jeans: Gap
Watch: Arvo c/o
Shoes: Forever Young

So those are a few things I will be incorporating more into my wardrobe and looks in the upcoming months. Braids for days. Watches forever. But you will probably be seeing more braids than watches - especially if you follow me on snapchat because I def just got it. You can add me at deidre.emme. What sort of things are you loving lately? Any hair styles, accesories, or fashion trends? Let me know because I would love to try to incorporate them in a post.
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