Christmas in Yucaipa


Apparently Adam and I are super good about packing our camera but not super good at using it. We mostly used it for a new set of married photos to replace the frame in our room, family photos, and to capture some Christmas day candids. So the rest was caught on one of our phones - and I think mostly on Adam's. So here is a recap of Christmas in Yucaipa as told by my fairly poorly taken photos. I also need to learn how to use an iPhone to get better photos.

Top left - These photos all look the same. Mostly because my brothers in law took them all without me knowing. In fact, I didn't even realize until I went to email the photos for this post to myself.

Top right - I felt like they deserved their own collage because of the sheer sneaky-ness of the photos. When the heck did they even have my phone!? I don't even remember them having it anywhere near them.

Bottom left - I also felt like you needed to get a good look at what I had to be with all week. These boys are out. of. control. In a good way though. Love them dearly.

Bottom right - Missing is the third Miller brother - my dear husband Adam. These three can make you laugh for days.

Top left - This one is sort of a cheat because it was taken on a nice photo and then saved to my phone. Adam and I snuck away to get some updated "family" photos - basically engagement photos since our family is just us. Adam's brother Mike is an AWESOME photographer so we use him when we can.

Top right - Yucaipa has the most amazing street of lights. All of the houses are coordinated to the same radio station. We had one too many for a 5 passenger car so we all squished in for a drive to the lights. One of the most jammed and entertaining trips. Ever.

Bottom left - Adam and I stopped to take lots of photos as we got ready for things. Usually with Adam saying, "I hate the lighting here!" or "Turn the camera around, I don't want to look at myself!" But I am grateful for the photos still because they capture us being us.

Bottom left - This got text to me from one of the mothers of my friends. This is myself and two of my dear friends in our kindergarten play of The Littlest Christmas Tree. Great memories. Amazing to think that I still talk to both the people in this photo! Apparently when they cast us, they cast life long friends too.

Top left - I finally got to meet Melissa from Pink Blush in the flesh! One of the perks of blogging is making real life friendships. I have been working with Melissa a ton so we figured out a way to meet up when we were so close. A night at Downtown Disney and a great friendship. Love the girl!

Top right - Showing off our Christmas Eve jams! My family has a tradition of one gift on Christmas Eve and it is always pajamas. So Adam and I are carrying it on. I got him duel purpose Nike jams/workout attire. And he got me a CHEETAH JUMPSUIT! What, what!!!

Bottom left - This photo was snagged on the first try. Only after about three minutes setting the coffee table up with 6 books stacked to make sure the self timed camera was at the right level. Nailed it.

Bottom left - Another selfie with my hunky husband. Soon the quality will be better because we got a selfie remote for Christmas. Ha. Wait for it. Be amazed!

Things not pictured? A Christmas Eve shopping trip with lines that extended to the BACK of the store. A lot of bean and cheese burritos, See's chocolate, and good food. All about 50 of Adam's family members into one house for Christmas day photos and celebrations. A trip to give Christmas to a family. Two Target visits. And a million more laughs and great memories. It was a low key Christmas, but we were lucky to be with people we loved. How was your Christmas? What are your highlights from the holidays?
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