Le Motto


This company grabbed my attention in seconds with their tagline. Le Motto. Because your words have power. That is right, your words have POWER! And that is something that I have always felt strongly about. As a blogger, as a woman involved in the community, and as a former titleholder in the Miss America system - I have always felt like there is power in my words and my actions. I can make a difference. I can speak my mind. I can be involved. I can be a leader for change. I can be a role model. I have power!

Top: Le Motto c/o
Sweater: Lucy & Lyla c/o
Leggings: Gap
Boots: Nordstrom

The tops are comfy and fun. Clothing with meaning. I found these shirts awhile back when they sponsored the Miss Idaho Organization and I have been in love ever since. And a company with generosity in their bones. They donated 25 tops for the contestants at Miss Idaho - no questions asked. They are dedicated in service and communication. I have loved working with them. They have tons of phrases that I love. Besides the one on my top I love the tee that said, "More class. Less sass." Do your words have power? What would be your tee shirt motto?
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