Great People


Can you believe it is 2015? I am still having a hard time totally wrapping my head around it. 2. 0. 1. 5. What!? I can still remember when it was turning the big 2000 and everyone was freaking out because the world was going to end.

A few days ago I shared that my word for 2015 is strong. And this past weekend I realized the first step to becoming stronger emotionally and mentally is to surround myself with great people. I was able to spend the weekend with my husband, my brothers in law, my dear friends Dani and Rachel. I was bumped into a few of the kindest people like Britanee. I chatted with Erin, Madison, and McCall. And as I sit here looking back on what an awesome weekend I had, I realize... it is because of the great people. The conversation, the laughter, and more than anything the way these great people make me feel as a person!

So my first steps of 2015? Make sure I am surrounding myself with the great people. Make sure I am only following the people that make me feel great on social media and in blog land. I will be honest, I cannot fully control my feelings of self doubt or lack of confidence, that is why the word for 2015 is strong! So I can learn to control those things. To become emotionally and mentally strong no matter what is going on around me. But surrounding myself with great people that don't pull out my lack of for the time being? This is something fully in my control! I don't need to follow people just because I had something in common with them years back, especially if every time I see there posts I feel down on me. I don't need to work to make everyone like me, I just need to work on the relationships with the great people that love me for me. The ones that don't make me question what I am doing, wearing, eating, feeling. The ones that make me excited to see what they post and don't bring out the catty side that every woman has. The ones that make me feel confident and like a role model. The ones that make me a stronger woman.

I am blessed with the relationships I have that are built on love and trust. And so I need to continue building those. So here is to the Adams, the Mikes, the Aarons, the Danis, the Britanees, and so on... the great people. The people that realize my value. That make me want to be a stronger woman. Because becoming strong is the theme of the year and I am starting now! What are you doing first to accomplish your goals for 2015?
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