Fashion Fits Everyone. Volume 47.


"My thoughts about fashion and makeup have changed a lot over the last 10 years as I've grown from a child to an adult. At 13 I started getting concerned about fashion, shaving, wearing makeup, etc. It was fun because it was new.
Around age 15 I started to rebel and stopped wearing makeup or really caring how I looked. Unfortunately some pretty big influences in my life, along with the ever present media, made me feel like I needed to wear makeup and that I looked prettier with it. My confidence was really hurt by these ideas. I started wearing makeup soon after, no longer for the occasional fun of it, but because I was supposed to.
This last year has been a huge year for me, I married the man of my dreams, graduated with my masters degree, and started an amazing job, and you know what I have learned? I will never again do things because I am "supposed to."
These days I wear makeup when its fun. My morning routine went from 30-45 minutes to 10 (that extra sleep is incredible). Sometimes I'll throw on some mascara or red lips for the fun of it, but I no longer need to cover up acne or the little imperfections that used to drive me crazy. Its been a journey, but I've learned that how I look is not a reflection of who I am or what I am capable of. To me that is incredibly empowering and has helped me become way more confident in my own skin.
With that said, I love my new found relationship with makeup and fashion. Red lips are my favorite and I can't say no to a pretty knee length dress or super cozy Jcrew sweater. Fashion is no longer a cage for me, its for self expression and fun. The world of fashion is all about perspective and how you let it affect you."
- Jessica from Love Always Jess
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