Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 31


"Beauty, fashion and confidence can be the holy trinity or a troublesome trio. They work together or completely against one another and sometimes you just don't know where you stand with any of them. I like to think that I know a lot about fashion, I crave knowledge about its history, and am constantly researching different eras and trends while also stalking my favorite fashion gurus to see what I need to know. However, when it comes to beauty I am clueless, I make my attempts, and like to think that maybe I'm doing that contouring thing right, I'm even guilty of purchasing those must have products only to realize that I have no clue what to do with them. But confidence, now that's a roller coaster I am still riding. I mean honestly who is confident every minute of every day, I dare say, no one. We all have those little things we've already picked out that we would change if someone offered you a million dollars and a painless way to do it but what it comes down to is that there will always be those parts of yourself you are crazy in love with and those other parts you could live without but you're forced to love anyway. Like those family members you could kinda live without being related to! But in all seriousness, have I always loved being 5'10"? No, but today I do! Do I wish I had a little curve to my physique and maybe some boobs to go along with it, hell yeah. But I also love that I can fit into sample sizes and get away without a sports bra at the gym, see what I mean?!
Like I mentioned, I am 5'10", not very curvaceous, with more of an athletic yet slim body type. I find dressing for my body type to be difficult at times as I am sure it is for everyone, however that being said once you figure out what works for you it gets rather easy. My biggest challenge was finding pants that I didn't have to sacrifice length for in order to have fit me in the waist. Once I discovered the tall section of stores and online sites with the option to adjust the inseam I was set. My go to stores for pants are Alloy, Delias, and Old Navy (yes, Old Navy has a TALL option online!). I'll be honest, I think taller woman suit, or can pull off, most styles and trends, and can even rock heels. Heels are a girls best friend, my shoe collection is bordering on hoarder status and the majority of my collection is made up of heels. I encourage all of you ladies to embrace your height and enhance it. Now, while heels are a must-have I will note that longer hemlines are imperative for skirts, shorts and dresses, too much thigh isn't cute...on anyone!
When it comes to my style, I can honestly say I don't have one. Or if I do it is unbelievably erratic and unruly. I wear what feels right, what puts a smile on my face and what I don't think I can live without wearing that day. Want my honest advice? Try on everything you like regardless of how you think it may look or whether or not People Style Watch magazine told you it would suit your body type, and give it a chance. Then wear it. Ultimately, if you like it, you will wear it confidently and confidence is what looks good.
Remember, the style may not be the one for you, and you may hate the current trend but fashion, Fashion Fits Everyone. See what I did there? "
-Jasmin from Jasmin Daily
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