Chambray + Cable Knit Beanie


Sometimes a girl just needs to kick back. Usually I am in the mindset of dressing full up and looking like the business professional my heart desires, but then there are the days when nothing sounds better than a graphic print tee, a chambray, and a beanie. Most of the time those days fall during early morning errands on the weekend with Adam. Grocery shopping, a trip to the farmers market, you get the idea... I like to throw something on that is comfortable with a little style to run around town before I head home to change for the gym.

Beanie: Lucy&Lyla
Chambray: Lucy&Lyla c/o
Tee: West Coast Conference
Leggings: Target
Boots: Forever Young

Nothing feels better than a laid back outfit while you head out to get work done. During summer it is usually a tee, leggings, tennis shoes, and a baseball cap. During the winter I trade in the tennis shoes for boots and the baseball cap for a beanie, and I throw a button up or sweater on over the tee. Easy enough. What do you throw on for your Saturday morning errands?
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