Fashion Fits Everyone. Volume 46.


"Ever since I can remember, I was always interested in beauty and fashion. As an adult, my career choice definitely does not reflect that, which is why starting a blog has been so much fun for me. It has allowed me to share my love of fashion in a way I was never been able to before. Blogging has actually increased my confidence and willingness to try things that I probably would not have without it. I have even shared pictures of myself on my blog that I never in a million years thought I would, including wearing a pair of shorts. I was initially hesitant and nervous to try to start a blog, which is silly now as I look back because life is way too short to make decisions based on how others may perceive you. When you think of a style or fashion blogger, a petite, thin girl with perfect hair and skin and unlimited funds for an amazing wardrobe comes to mind (or at least it does for me). Don’t get me wrong – I follow and love said bloggers, but I always relate more to those who do not fit into that box. One of my goals from the start has been to share affordable and practical styles that anyone can wear, regardless of size, shape, or height. I truly believe that fashion be accessible and fit everyone no matter what your budget or dress size is.
I would describe my body type as tall and curvy, yet proportionate. I am about 5’10”, and most of my height comes from my legs, as I consider myself to have a short torso. My legs are definitely on the thick side and I have always had a large bust, which undoubtedly plays into how I dress. I usually stick with pants/jeans, and love to wear V-neck or sweetheart cuts on top to balance out my chest. I love a good blazer or cardigan, and love to draw attention to my neckline with a statement necklace, which I think can be helpful for all you busty girls out there. One of my biggest styling tips would be to play around with accessories because they can make or break an outfit! The details of an outfit are so important, and you really can’t go wrong with a bold lip or nail shade, a unique clutch, or layering on a few gold dainty necklaces or rings.
My style is ultimately very causal. I am lucky enough to be able to wear jeans 7 days a week, and I totally take advantage of that. I am 100% a jeans and t-shirt type of girl. I love to get dressed up, but unfortunately it is just not very practical for my every day life. Living in Albuquerque, NM dressing up is pretty much saved for special occasions, and it is really easy to feel overdressed here. My only style advice is to wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident! If you feel best in a dress and heels, I say go for it! My body type lends itself best to pants, so I tend to stick to what I feel flatters me the most. Take risks and never hold yourself back out of fear of criticism. In the words of the lovely Ms. Taylor Swift, “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate” so I would urge you to refuse to let that stop you from wearing what you feel best in and works best for your body type. A huge thank you to Deidre for creating this amazing forum – Fashion Fits Everyone."
- Lindsay from Middle of Somewhere
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