Cotton Anniversary


Remember a really long time ago when it was Adam's and my anniversary? And I told you all about us and how we had been married for two years. I mean... I ever did a little Q&A with Adam and with me answering the same questions. And to celebrate our anniversary we closed the distance between us - because I was in Arizona living at our home and working and he was in Indiana playing summer ball for the South Bend Silverhawks - and I headed out to see him. And then I told you I would tell you all about our cotton anniversary. Do you remember all that? And do you remember how by a long time ago I mean it was in August? Well I am finally living up to that promise. Because now we are moved to Idaho and settled in and I finally had time to upload photos. So here you have it. Our second anniversary. Or as some traditionalists call it - the cotton anniversary.

I packed up my stuff and I head to South Bend for a whole WEEK! What a blessing. I loved being able to be there with Adam and watch him pitch twice and enjoy 5 home games. All good things. All the time. The first night I got there I had to hang out and watch Forensic Files by myself until Adam got back from his road trip at like 1AM. I feel like it is important you know I was watching Forensic Files so you can understand the mindset I was in when I started tracking Adam's phone and started freaking out when his phone was somehow following a river. Thanks for nothing GPS tracking.

Anyway. He finally got back and we got to enjoy each other's company AT LAST! We didn't take any photos together really. Mostly it was baseball photos and pictures of our little mini celebration. And a nice shot of the incredible streamer wall I made since I was bored while Adam was at the field.

I feel like I need to tell you a little more about these cupcakes. Adam and I had been trying to decide what treat to get. He left it up to me. Which clearly means cupcakes because I am a cupcake-aholic. I drove all the way to the other side of town to get these beauties. They were DIVINE. Seriously so good. If you are in South Bend, get them. But that isn't the story I wanted to tell you. The story is about the two young ladies working at the shop. I walked in, got my cupcakes, and was paying. The girl said, "Do you want a punchcard?" And I said, "No thanks. I live in Arizona so I probably wont ever fill it!" The girl said, "Oh really? What bring you to South Bend?" I said, "My husband is here for work." She said, "What does he do?" I said, "He is a pitcher for the South Bend Silverhawks." She said, "OH MY GOSH! NO WAY!? I have always dreamed of marrying a professional baseball player. That is so cool! I can't believe this is happening! I am so jealous." To which I said, "Yeah, it is an adventure!" But really in my mind I am thinking, who dreams of marrying an athlete? I feel lucky to have Adam - but his personality and attitude trumps him ever being an athlete. I just thought it was funny. And yeah, the cupcakes were really good. I ate most of them. Whoops.

We had both been plotting our gifts from a distance. We like to follow the traditional anniversary gifts for the most part. Last year was paper so I got Adam books and he got me a message in a bottle, a locket to put a paper photo in, and shoes... I don't know how the shoes fit in? But he said they did. Clearly this year we were on the same page...

That is right. Tshirts for everyone! Adam got me the baseball tee I had been eyeing for awhile. Obvs, every baseball wife needs a good baseball tee. And I got Adam a tshirt with my face on it and a Wendy Peffercorn is a dime shirt. If you don't know who Wendy Peffercorn is - go watch Sandlot. You can thank me later. Wonder which shirt Adam has been wearing more? The one with my face on it. I thought it was a great joke but he loves it and a few of his friends have asked how they can get their own.

The whole weekend ended with baseball. Of course. What else would you expect? Adam had already pitched one game and this was going to be the second one I could watch. He hit 98 MPH and got a bunch of strike outs. And his team got the win. Both times.

Sadly, this is one of the only photos I got on my nice camera of us together. But I will take it. We are happy. We are in love. And we are at a baseball stadium. It describes us perfectly. I posted a bunch of other photos of us from throughout the week on Instagram - all the way back in August - so feel free to go scroll through to find them. So happy to have celebrated two year with this handsome devil, to get a week off of work, and to see him dominate on the mound. Can't wait to see where we will be celebrating next year. Fingers crossed it is in Phoenix - because that means he made the big leagues.
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