2014 in Review


The easiest way to let you all in on the craziness that has been 2014 is to do a quick recap of every month. The ups and downs and all the in between. 2014 was really and truly one for the books!
Excited for a brand new year! We had a few things already on the books and we were looking forward to the adventures ahead. The year started off  with a cruise that we had planned during last baseball season. That turned into a cruise that we almost missed due to some god and really crappy customer service... twice. But we made it, only a day late and a million tears later for me. And we loved every second. Once we got home we had to pack up the house because we were getting ready to start a new chapter as we moved to Arizona.
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We got to Arizona the last few days of January. Shipped our car, packed our house, and flew to good old Phoenix. A few days in I started my new job at Phoenix Renaissance Downtown. We lived in the hotel for about a month until we found an apartment to live in. And February was just spent getting into our new place, new jobs, and new surroundings.
Spring training dives into full swing - get it, swing - in March. So we spent a lot of nights spent watching baseball and a lot of days watching baseball. Basically it was baseball at the time. I started contributing to I'm Topsy Turvy - short lived because Ashlee needed to rebrand which meant no more contributors. And at the end of spring training Adam got assigned to South Bend Silverhawks. But right before he left my brother and his family came to visit us in Arizona.
Adam left for South Bend. It was pretty fast and I was pretty lonely right away. Let me tell you something. It isn't awesome being home alone in a new town. And I realized just how important it is to be surrounded by people you love. Which contributed a lot to the changes that would happen later in the year. I also started contributing to Fashion Cache.
While I was home being lonely I had a lot of offers and a lot of fun visitors in Arizona from my besties to my Mom. I eventually just gave in and went to visit Adam in South Bend much earlier than planned, but I loved every second of the freezing cold. Towards the end of the month Adam got injured and was sent home for rehab. He actually came home the day after I got back from going to Elevate Conference with some new friends. Which is the best conference. If you are looking for one to go to, this is where I suggest.
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Due to Adam's minor injury we got an  entire unexpected month together in Arizona. We got to try out some fun new places, spend lots of time with the Walkers, and of course... watch baseball. At the end of the month Adam was getting ready to be cleared for play and I went to Disneyland with the parents. Adam was invited... but he had to work. And I really couldn't pass up on Disneyland.
We were able to spend the 4th of July together and then Adam got cleared to go back to South Bend. He headed out July 6th for Indiana. And the week after I went to home sweet Idahome for the Miss Idaho pageant to choreograph and be bossy. Because that is what I do best. I love volunteering for that organization. So much. And it was great to spend time with my Mom as we slept in the dorms with the girls. And to see all the people that inspired me to keep competing.
Adam and I were getting ready to celebrate two years married. I asked for it off. It did not get approved at first. My boss said it was fine because it was "only our second anniversary". But then a sweet lady offered to switch her time off so I could go see my husband. This was all also the icing on the cake of my dislike for Arizona and my job which led to some hardcore job searching while on vacation in South Bend. But mostly I was just so happy that I went to visit Adam in South Bend.
This month was a doozy. Seriously. I yook almost the whole month off of blogging. It was crazy enough. Let me tell you how it went. Adam got invited to the instructional league, which was a great start to the month. And then it was all crazy from there. I was interviewing for a few jobs, went to talk to my boss, didn't have the best feels about how things were going, quit my job without a new job offer. That evening and the next morning was spent in panic wondering if I had totally screwed things up. But that afternoon I got offered a new job with Boise State. I also was hired on with Weave Made Media. I started packing the house. Cancelled our lease. Oh, and in the middle of all that I co-hosted the AZ Blogger Meetup. I moved to Idaho to start my new job while Adam stayed in Arizona to finish packing the house, finish up instructs, and then he would meet me next month. It was a whirlwind.
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I turned 26 and celebrated with the parents. Then finally, I got my husband back. Adam moved to Idaho once instructs was over. The weekend after Adam got back we went to Twin Falls for a mini family reunion with my side of the fam. And then to make this the best month ever Adam and I bought a house. To end the month we had Adam's parents in town to see our new home and new town. Oh also, my parents bought a house down the road since they are up in Idaho half the year and they borrowed a room in our house until theirs was completed.
Finally back to a regular schedule, we were able to get back to the things we love. I got back into style and fashion blogging. Adam got back to finishing his degree. And we cooked meals, went on dates, and enjoyed each others company like normals. We spent Thanksgiving in Twin Falls.
I headed to California for #aPollinateHoliday the first weekend of the month. Then it was just two more weeks until we headed to Christmas in Yucaipa with Adam's side of the family. And the last and best part of the month is always when Adam has his birthday. This year he turned 25.
And there you have it. From Utah to Arizona to Idaho with a little of Indiana in between it was a crazy year. Two new jobs for me. A brand new house. And an exciting baseball year for Adam, we are excited with how things went and are so happy with how they ended. How was your 2014?
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