Dear Anti-Bullying,


This week I got the opportunity to return to Sawtooth Elementary (where I went for K-6) to promote my platform. It is such a humbling experience every time I go into a school. The principals are always so helpful and ready for me to present. Mr. Rutledge had turned the whole week prior into Bullying Awareness at his school. He ordered "Say No To Bullying" bracelets for every student, all the walls in the school were full of anti-bullying information, and he had even called KMVT to come to my assembly. You can see the full story here or my other debut on the news here. It is incredible how much my platform has picked up and created opportunities all on its own. I am so grateful that I can go into these schools and teach about the importance of respecting classmates.

In front of my elementary school. I have a picture of me standing here with my kindergarten diploma when I was younger... the sign seemed to be much higher then.

With my first grade teacher and her class. So great to still see her doing what she loves.

"Put your hand higher! I can jump!" The boys all love giving high fives and  the girls love giving hugs and trying to touch my crown as they walk out.

I am looking forward to more opportunities to teach students how to S.T.A.M.P. Out Bullying in their school, as well as the self-esteem and respect assemblies and group presentations I have coming up. This has been a great year to be a title holder and I am looking forward to what comes next. If you have any questions about my platform, what I do, or would like me to come present please email me at

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