Dear Crafter Inside,


I knew your craftiness was just waiting to come back out. First baseball bracelets, then printables, and now a bookshelf. Heck, I'm not even mad... that's amazing! (Name the movie.) I am glad some of my friends have their own homes with their own furniture so I can help them in decorating things and making them cute. I cannot wait for my own home so I can decorate and be crafty to my own desire to make my house a home.

White bookshelves that you put together yourself are nice. But they are better when you make them cute. So we covered Cassidy and James' bookshelf in old book pages. Cute, yeah?


P.S. Oh... and thank you Haleigh for my new artwork. One for winning and one just in case.

Now really... Love,
Rachel said...

Cool bookshelf! Very snazzy! We have one of those that we might just have to shake up somehow, not sure how yet! & awesome platform. Bullying is such a problem. & what's worse is when it's talked about and people make light of it.

Cassidy said...

Oh those photos turned out nice. I might have to snipe them. Thanks for your help!

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