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Okay, here is another pageant post. But you love them, right?

This weekend was incredible. Incredibly inspiring and incredibly fast. I went home Thursday night and came back to Utah on Saturday so I could teach Relief Society the following day.

I got the opportunity to go to Lighthouse Christian Academy and present to the pre-kindergarten and elementary students about anti bowling. First thing I learned, obviously I need to pronounce my words better...

Me: What is bullying?
Boy: It is where you have a heavy ball and go like this... (insert bowling action)
Me: Well... bullying and bowling do sound similar....

I love seeing the students hold onto the idea that bullying hurts people and even when apologize are said, the scars are still there. I love when I can tell the students look forward to mutual trust and respect between their peers. I love that the teachers and staff understand and respect my message and want me to come into their schools. Most of all I love being the one to be involved in the process and getting to be a role model to these students.

 Miss Magic Valley in front of the Lighthouse sign.

Teaching the kids how to STAMP out bullying in their school. 

"Are you a princess? Can I touch you crown?"

Saying thank you to an appreciative teacher. 
So flattering that they appreciate my message and the work I have been putting in.

Later that afternoon I got together with all my sister title holders for a photo shoot. It was way fun to just spend the afternoon catching up with all of them. I talk to my teen, Lauren, a lot, but I don't get to talk to the other two very often. These girls are incredible. I am so lucky to have them as sisters.

Miss Canyon Rim, Kristina Nye; Abby Bitzenburg, Miss Canyon Rim's Outstanding Teen; Lauren Smith, Miss Magic Valley's Outstanding Teen; Deidre Edmunds, Miss Magic Valley

That is a little sneak peak of the photos we took. I look like a giant, but it is fun, right? I am heading home again tomorrow for a little more pageant excitement.


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Such a cute picture! You're beautiful, Deidre!

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