Dear Draft,


It is so nice to have someone that I can CONSTANTLY brag about. Sorry if it is getting old to you, but it is still very exciting for me.

Adam pitched his first game last week, and although I couldn't be there I listened to the games on the internet when I could and got text updates from Gloria (one of Adam's teammate's girlfriend) and Adam's two sisters, Gina and Amy. Plus I got one million photos and a video... so it is basically like I was there, right?

Adam pitched the Saturday game of the series. Here are his stats...

(led the team in strikeouts and walks.... interesting....)

He did so great. 7 up, 7 down... and then he stressed me out. 1 out, bases loaded (not only were the bases loaded but they were loaded because Adam walked the previous three), and full count at bat.... seriously? Adam threw a curve ball and struck the guy out! 2 outs. Bases loaded. Third guy up, hit a fly ball into right field and got out by Brugman. STRESSFUL. In the 5th inning Adam strained his groin and had to come out. But he did FANTASTIC. So fantastic that he made it onto this website.

Keep up the good work! St. Mary's this weekend and Arkansas next week.

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