Cheetah Is Life


A lot of times I look through my closet and I think, "There is too much cheetah in here." But then the more I think about it or try to not buy cheetah the more I realize this is a ridiculous attempt because, let's face it. Cheetah is life. In my closet you can find cheetah tees, sweaters, swimsuit, shoes, and so on. And I love it, even when other try to tear it down - I have a little story about my own experience down below. But it aint no thang! Cheetah is a neutral. Cheetah goes with everything. And yes, cheetah is life.

Top: PinkBlush c/o
Leggings: PinkBlush c/o
Boots: Forever Young Shoes

I remember one time in college I went over to a guy's house wearing a cheetah sweater with my black skinnys. His roommate opened the door and I asked if he was there. Then I heard his roommate go back to his room and say, "Some girl is here in a weird animal print sweater." And I was super bugged. Cheetah is not weird my friend. And then I had to really sit there and think, do people not like cheetah? And then I realized this boy is ridiculous and my cheetah passion was fueled to new levels. Sounds strange. But cheetah is my thing. Do you have a certain pattern or color that overwhelms your closet?
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