Maxi Dresses


The one things that always stressed me out from going to a casual job to a more formal position was the wardrobe changes. I really enjoyed the ability to wear jeans when I wanted and to not have to add many skirts and dresses to my closet. But now that I am considered "professional staff" it is all about dressing the part. Jeans only on Fridays, leggings on with tunics, and dresses trump. But there are still the days when I crave a dress down and I can't really throw on my oversized sweater and leggings and boots. So the compromise has to be something a little more professional. Which is where maxi dresses come in.

Jacket: Pink Blush c/o
Dress: Aro & Company c/o
Scarf: Aro & Company c/o
Shoes: Forever Young

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I love this maxi because it brings in style while also being totally functional for my lazy mood. I can wear it around the house and if I go out just throw on a scarf and a jacket and I am all squared away. I like to consider maxi skirts and maxi dresses the sweatpants of the dress world. And I welcome them with open arms, because there are far too many nights my insomnia gets the best of me and I am too tired in the morning to get all put together. What do you like to wear on your dress down days?
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