Weekday Wardrobe


Slowly but surely I am getting back into this blogging groove. And my favorite post to do every week is my Weekday Wardrobe post. When I get it all together in terms of blogging, you can tell because this posts start showing up again. Anyone can take an afternoon to get put together and snap away their life, but I think the tricky part is sharing what you look like on a day to day basis. Generally I look about the same no matter how hectic my life is, but when I actually go to bed on time and wake up without rushing is when the sharing of my day to day wardrobe comes in. And now that I am used to no husband and used to the Daylight Savings... I am getting on a roll again.

Monday | Cardigan: Target | Top: Gap | Skirt: Agnes and Dora | Pumps: DSW
Tuesday | Sweater: Little Black Fashion Truck | Top: Forever 21 | Leggings: PinkBlush | Boots: Macys
Wednesday | Cardigan: Old Navy | Dress: Target | Heels: TJMaxx
Thursday | Sweater: Lucy & Lyla | Top: Cotton On | Leggings: Gap | Shoes: Macys
Friday | Top: Pink Blush | Undershirt: Sexy Modest | Pants: Gap | Boots: Macys

You can tell it is getting warmer here because I have transitioned from scarves, sweaters, and layers to just a basic top and boots. Cardigans are always a staple though... so even when it is warmer, chances are I will pair an outfit with a lighter cardi. This week has been a doozy and I am getting so excited to trade in my Idaho wardrobe for the shorts that Arizona calls for! That is right. I am heading down to Arizona for the next 4 days to spend time with Mr. Miller! And I cannot wait! Do you have any plans or events that you are looking forward to for the weekend?
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