Spring Break Guide: Shabby Apple


I am back with some more swimsuits from what was meant to be a Spring Break Guide but turned into a summer guide because of some las tminute additions! Are you sick of swimsuits yet? Of course not. Because you are seriously dreaming of spring break right now and you are ready to finalize your packing list with one last swimsuit. Well, guess what. I am here for you. Kaylynn and I are both here for you – to give you some swimsuit insight and to help you get the perfect suit for your summer vacay.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous to share this post. I know the other day I talked all about embracing your body and getting out there in your swimsuit, but the other part I talked about was making sure you found a suit that flattered your body! Not that this one doesn’t flatter me, some people said it does – but they also might totally be lying to me so I don’t feel like a doofus but I appreciate them for doing that. I loved the styling of this suit but I was a little slash a lot nervous and anxious to share it. But whatever – here we go! There is no turning back now.

Swimsuit: Shabby Apple
Sandals: Sanuk

Okay – so I fell in love with this suit on their model. Something about the design with the hood just seemed way fun to me. And different than anything I owned – maybe that was what totally drew me in. There are so many suits that look the same. High waist. One piece with ruffles. You get the idea – but this one was unique. So I decided to snag it up. It literally arrived at my house as I was on my way out the door to take my photos so I didn’t try it on until I was getting ready to take these photos. And plot twist. This swimsuit was not at all what I expected. I still loved the look of it – but I am here to give you the real downlow on the suit.

Remember, I am generally a 10 or a 12. I have a few 10 skirts and dresses as well as one 12 dress from Shabby Apple – so based off of those items I ordered a size large in the top and in the bottom. First, as I was opening the package I realized that the white is actually mesh – so both the panels and the back with the hood are a non-stretch material. So when I was pulling everything on you could hear little “pops” as I stretched it on. No big deal. That happens sometimes. The suit overall fit my body but the real shocking thing was the length of the top. On the model there was maybe a half an inch of midriff showing. Well on my long torso you can see that is not the case. So while I still love the swimsuit and the look of it, I was really anxious and nervous to show that much middle. So if you are tall like me – that might be something to take into consideration when ordering a tankini.

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