Braving the Sun with Lime Ricki


When I was younger I would have done anything for a tan. I laid out when on vacation, I went into tanning beds, I was always looking for a good tanning lotion – tans were so important. I remember standing around with a girl on my dance team talking about the best ways to get tan during our breaks one time. She always looked so good and I wanted to be tan too. But as I get older, I have learned to embrace my white skin. More often than not I am white as white and it looks like I could possibly be wearing tights. Part of this is because I work full time so my outdoor days are far and few between – and the days that I do get to go on vacation, I end up opting for the cable and air conditioning. But then then something changed….

Swimsuit: Lime Ricki
Kimono: Honey & Lace
Sandals: Target

A few weeks ago I got a spray tan for Miss Idaho and I realized… wait. I really like being tan. I don’t mind being white. But I really like being tan. So I have decided to brave the sun a little more, with SPF of course, in my Lime Ricki swimsuit – best fitting swimsuit I have gotten this year, btw – to get some natural color. But of course, I will still pair that sunlight with spray tans when I can. But I am looking forward to more days outside. It felt really good to be out in the sunshine over the weekend! Where do you fall on the pale to tan scale? Have you been finding more ways to get outside lately?
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