Bachelor Season 19: Episode 11


The Bachelor is done, but if you didn't get your Prince Farming fill you can watch Dancing With the Stars starting tonight where he will be dancing for the mirror ball. I called it that he would be the new celeb on the show, and I am worried. Hopefully his dancing skills are better than his rapping skills. But I guess it is time to wrap up all the thoughts and feels in regards to The Bachelor: In The Field of Love. And basically my main thought about the whole final episode is this: anti-climactic.
The whole thing starts with both ladies meeting the Farming Family. Whit brings flowers and wine and puts it all on REAL thick. Talking about how she is ready to marry and mother. She toasts them at the lunch. She talks about how much she loves everyone and everything. And they all love her. And every time they say how much they love her Chris talks about Becca which is slightly awkward. Then it is Becca's turn and she shows up with cookies. And she is just honest and real about the whole thing. Doesn't play up her emotions or talk about them too much. I still like her best.
Then it is dates. Becca gets some one on one time in a hotel in which she doesn't say she loves him and she doesn't say she is ready to move for him. Does she get ANY credit for being the only honest women in the history of this show? Then Whit has her turn and gets to hang out at the farm and then have the hotel time, which I feel is strange that she gets that extra view and Becca doesn't but whatever.
Now it is selection time. And while they both look stunning, Becca gets the boot. And she seems to just not care very much. She is sad but she isn't drama mama. She's just not that into him. But it is weird that Chris gives her that big kiss before sending her home. And Whitney gets the beautiful Neil Lane ring and the fiance and the farm. And that is that and there is no drama and no heartbreak. All so snoozefest in comparison to former years.
The real good stuff shows up at the After the Final Rose. They try to make a bigger deal about Chris and Becca and both are of them are like whatever. Well, Chris really loved Becca so he is a little less of whatever. Whitney is too excited for her own good. I thought she might pee her pants at one point. And then Jimmy brings them a wedding gift of a cow named Juan Pablo. Now here is the REAL drama. Two Bachelorettes are announced. Britt and Kaitlyn will go head to head in the first episode and only one will finish out the season. I love Britt, yes still, but I know Kaitlyn will make a better Bachelorette so I hope she wins. Now here are my feelings about this layout.
I think it sucks. I think it is rude and unfortunate for these two women to be pitted against each other when they already were not the best of friends. I think it is unfortunate that ABC took this route because their office was divided, when the whole world would have been okay with just one of the other. And I think ABC is taking advantage of the fact that everyone loved Britt and then didn't love her as much to make her the "bad lady" in all of this. Because if you haven't read the tweets I can fill you in - Kaitlyn has the fan vote. And I almost think she gets the ABC vote because she appears to have received a better makeover than Britt. I also feel like it is not okay to get two women's hopes up that they get to continue in the process and potentially find someone to love and date when really only one will continue. "You are both Bachelorette, okay now you go home because the boys did not like you." Why make a woman feel less than she is because 25 men didn't pick her as the one they want to date? For ratings? I feel like this is a poor choice. And that is all I can say. What do you think about everything? About the finale? About the After the Final Rose? About the double bachelorette announcement?
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