White Plum Valentine's Outfit


I always love to dress for the occasion - and holidays are a great excuse to get a new top or a new pair of shoes for whatever you have planned. When I saw this top I instantly envisioned a date night outfit. And even better, I love it for Valentine's day because it is not the typical bows, hearts, pink, and red look that you see everywhere - but those aren't bad either, in fact... you will be seeing a few of those later this week. But right now let's focus on this White Plum top - the floral added in the perfect amount of vintage romantic for any look.

Top: White Plum c/o
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Shoelovin'
Earrings: Lucy&Lyla c/o
Clutch: Aro & Company c/o

The style of this top made it all feel a little more dressy than your basic casual outfit, so I felt like it needed something more than jeans. I paired it with my XXXX skinnys and a pair of heels to glam up the whole look. When you go from jeans to pants and flat to heels you get the perfect outfit for a fancier sit down restaurant, a concert, or a show. It is relaxed enough that you can go from one event to another without feeling out of place at either. Throw all your contents from your purse into a clutch and you are good to go. Today I went a little more trendy casual, but tomorrow I will have a casual jean look for you, so make sure you swing back for that.
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