Rainbow Trim Cardigan


Like most women, my closet is full of black items - leggings, pants, boots, shoes, tops, sweaters, and so on. It could be because of the slimming effect the color has or it could be because I can think of more captions for social media that have to do with the color black so I seem more clever than I actually am. And while both of those are true, it comes down to the fact that black always looks good. I always feel confident and comfortable in black. But sometimes too much black can be a bad thing, so I like to add pops of color to my black outfits in some way. And when I saw this sweater, I knew it would be the perfect addition to my black closet.

Cardigan: Novae Clothing
Top: SexyModest Boutique
Leggings: Gap
Booties: Francescas
Hat: Aro & Company

Not only did the cardigan add some color to my closet but it added some variety to my wardrobe. It isn't a traditional piece that most women will have, so it doubles as a conversation piece when I go out on the town. It is items like this that make my style unique and have people asking where I like to shop. They want to know because it is not something they see on every woman and in every store. The way you dress can help you make connections with those around you. And that is a beautiful thing. Do you have any items in your closet that always catch the
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