Dear Life of a Blogger,


I am just getting into the swing of how these blog things work. How the networking works, how to gain more followers (thanks to the AWESOME guest post from Miss Janette), the importance of commenting, the fun of entering giveaways... the list goes on. And I just have a few thoughts today. First....

Imagine my surprise when I opened up my bloglovin' this morning to find this...

The first thing I noticed was my name. And I thought... "Oh, that is funny Gentri knows another Deidre." And then upon closer look I noticed this...

And I thought, "What the heck? That is my blog?! Why is she blogging about me?" And then I realized what the whole post said... I WON! I WON! I WON! I never win anything but here I am winning the most awesome thing. Gift cards and ad spaces and books... and this is the most best way to start the most boring day ever. PUMPED! When I entered I was thinking, "Hey... I need a few more blogs to read while Adam does his homework, what will it hurt?" And now I am thinking, "I CAN DO THIS! I will enter ALL blog giveaways from here until forever!" (That is a fad... it wont last once I start losing again...) But I am sure happy that I won. Because I love winning. And I really wanted to buy a new clothing item of some sorts... but I didn't want to spend dollars. And now I can because I have giftcards to not one, but TWO clothing places. Winning!

Okay. And now second. What is up with all you commenters commenting as a "" This will not do. One of my favorite things about being a blogger is getting comments and questions from bloggers and blog readers out in the internets and then being able to respond to them. But when you are a noreply-comment blogger I can't reply to your comments! And it makes me really sad. Because I really do want to answer you questions. And I swear the last 15 comments on my blog were from no responders. So do us all a favor, and log in with an account so I can email you back. Otherwise... you will never get your answers... Except today (if you happen to read this post) you will... because it will bother me if I can never answer so I am answering/responding to a handful of comments right now.

Comment on Dear Engagements: Where did you get your blouse?! I am in love!
I got this blouse from Francescas Collections. 

Comment on Dear Netflix: Okay next topic- I'd LOVE To hear how you physically got ready for your wedding! Workouts, nutrition etc... But in super-fun Deidre presentation style!
I am assuming you wrote this because I said I couldn't think of anything to blog about. And because that was a true statement. I will gladly do this for you. I have a feeling I know who wrote this, but I am not going to make any crazy assumptions! Watch for a Miss Idaho and wedding fitness post soon! Any other requests?!

Comment on Dear Cruise: Is your card red because you have been on Carnival before?
Yep! My card was red because I was experienced at cruising... and everyone knew Adam was a newbee.

Comment on Dear Bridals: These bridals are incredible. Where did you get them taken? I love everything about them.
We took them at the Provo Amphitheater... it is by Seven Peaks. The fee is $20 for two hours and there are SO many options for photos. A pond, a fountain, an amphitheater, fancy door, grass area, balcony... this list goes on and on.

Comment on Dear Dating Past: Did all those things really happen to you?? 
Yes... sadly they did. And they are for sure the most red-red-RED flags around. And I was a dating fool! 

Well... I am glad I could answer a few of these comments. What else do you got for me? Pretty please just make yourself a resopndable commenter. And I look forward to your requests, comments, questions, and anything else you want to throw at me. I can do this. Because I am a BLOGGER!

Janette said...

YOU WON THAT CRAZY GIVEAWAY!????? How cool! Congrats!! That's amazing!!!!!!! And yes, those no-reply people need to login! I can never find them to reply!


Cassidy said...

You lucky dog. I want to win prizes.

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