Dear Netflix,


I have been trying to think of something to blog about... like... REALLY hard I have been thinking. Everyone else blogged about their awesome Labor Day weekend. But I didn't really do anything. So this would have been my post... "Went to bed at 7 PM on Friday... seriously, what is wrong with me!? Slept basically all day Saturday and then went on a fun double date. Went to church and slept and watched Friday Night Lights Sunday. Made Adam breakfast, had Texas Roadhouse pickup for lunch, and then watched Gossip Girl ALL day while Adam did homework Monday." I have been sleepy. So I sleep a lot. Also... I guess I did make it so our kitchen was finally usable, more on that later...

So I guess the one thing that seemed to be a theme from my weekend that I can tell you about it Netflix Instant Play. And how I have been officially sucked into not one but TWO TV series.

One I watch with Adam and one I watch without Adam. Netflix has seriously put a damper on my activity. I keep thinking of things I can do like empty a box or do the dishes (I did do the dishes twice this weekend, our kitchen is really clean right now) but I always have to wait for ONE more episode. Netflix... Netflix... Netflix.... And I don't completely blame myself or Netflix for these current obsessions. I blame everyone who recommended the shows to me. I would name names, but there are seriously too many names to name! And it doesn't just stop with these series. There are like 10 others I have been told to watch. And I am sure I will once I finish my current ones. So thank you to everyone for the ideas, because I love them and I cannot stop, but no thank you at the same time... because I love them and I CANNOT STOP!

Show #1

Don't pretend like you haven't watched Friday Night Lights. Because I swear every person I have talked to has. And how could you not watch it? The sports, the drama, the high school kids that look like they are in college, and no parents around to really monitor anything? It surely is the life and the dream. And in Texas. Football is king. This is the show I watch with Adam. He was watching a real football game and couldn't help but get sucked into the fake football game on my little Mac book. And now I am not allowed to watch an episode without him.

Show #2

Alright. Show #2. So once Adam got sucked into Friday Night Lights... I couldn't just watch it while he was doing homework. That would be rude. So I had to think. What other shows have people told me I would love? A ton came to mind. Second question. What shows have I been told I would love that I know Adam would not love? Gossip Girl. Top on the list. And perfect because it is all on Netflix. And once I started watching it all I could say was... how the heck did I miss this little CW gem through all my time spent watching 90210 and One Tree Hill? Gossip Girl is right up my lane. Drama. Lots of drama. And people that wear shoes that are more expensive than EVERYTHING in my closet. It is seriously perfect. 

So there you have it. I am addicted. Luckily I watch it all on my computer so I have started just carrying my laptop from room to room while I work. It makes time go by much faster. What shows are you addicted to? Got any more recommendations for me?

Hadley said...

Friday Night Lights was my obsession last year. Seriously the best show ever!!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay next topic- I'd LOVE To hear how you physically got ready for your wedding! Workouts, nutrition etc... But in super-fun Deidre presentation style!

Keena Horton said...

okay i know it sounds stupid, but i was addicted to + just finished watching Parenthood. seasons 1&2 are on Netflix, and season 3 is on Hulu for free! i LOVE it. (season 4 starts on September 11!)

but i finished that Netflix series and i need a new one. i am totally starting Gossip Girl. you just convinced me. i love you

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