Dear Childhood Heroes,


Do you remember your childhood heroes? Of course you do...because they are probably STILL your heroes. Think of those heroes from whom you learned new jokes, new goals in life and who you always wanted to be like. Those heroes were the heroes that our parents didn't mind us turning on the TV and watching. On the other hand, there were some "heroes" that our parents couldn't stand; the Heroes from whom we learned how to annoy a sibling, how to get back at a sibling rather than just sticking our tongue out at them (I'm referring to the first time we saw someone punch someone), and how to become more annoying than we had previously been (Our parents thought that wasn't even possible).

My childhood "heroes" were the Three Stooges. These three knuckleheads taught my brothers and I so many new ways to annoy both each other and our parents. Everything they did became ours - their phrases, their clever jargon, and even their outfits (we dressed as The Three Stooges on multiple occasions for Halloween).

Janette said...

Nice post Adam! I can't really think who my childhood heroes were..Okay..okay! I DO! The Muppet Babies! I loved watching them and I always wanted to go on adventures in my living room like they did...I looked up to them..I really did.. Haha! I know I sound lame, but it's true!


PS. I loved watching The 3 Stooges! They were hilarious!

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