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Okay. Let's talk LEGGINGS. And by talk leggings I don't mean get into the whole "are leggings pants?!" debate - because that doesn't interest me. But let us talk about my spandex and leggings obsession. That is right. I said obsession. I wear them when I work out, I wear them when I lounge, I wear them when I hang out with my friends, and I even wear them on date nights. It isn't a matter of them not being pants or whatever - it is a matter of proper styling. And boy, oh boy have I got a styling opportunity for you. An opportunity for you to get a pair of the most COMFORTABLE LEGGINGS known to man kind, I am talking heaven on your legs, at a killer deal! Tonight I am hosting an Agnes and Dora party. Nothing over $20! Agnes and Dora takes cash or card & it only takes a few minutes to make a purchase. At the party I attended I was in and out in about 10 minutes.

My floral Agnes and Dora leggings.
I am seriously obsessed.
I also have a black and white pair with reindeer.
And tonight I plan to get a cheetah pair!
Sizing: Adult leggings and fleece lined leggings: one size fits most  \\ Kids leggings:S\M or M\L \\Maxi skirts: XS-L 

Pricing: Adult leggings: $18 or 2 for $32 \\ Fleece lined leggings: $15 or 2 for $28 \\ Kids leggings: $16 or 2 for $30. 

But get this!? As a Christmas treat, Agnes and Dora is hosting an EXTRA special deal for my party. Buy 3 pairs of leggings and get 1 pair free. Now, if that isn't a deal, I don't know what it!

I went to an Agnes and Dora party about a month ago, and I am obsessed with my leggings. They aren't see-through, which is super rare in leggings these days. They are soft, soft, SOFT! They come in all sorts of patterns and colors. I got two pairs when I went, but I wish I would have gotten more. They are that great! Take a look online to see some of the leggings they have to offer, and if you see anything you MIGHT like, come over tonight! Because the website only shows 15% of their inventory. Agnes and Dora work mainly through leggings parties. They also have harem pants, which I am just loving lately.

Let me know if you have ANY questions, I would be happy to answer. I hope to see you at my place TONIGHT from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM for some leggings and some socializing. You are free to park on the road or in any uncovered parking spots. Bring your friends, your neighbors, your mom, you cousin, your roommates.. I mean, really bring anyone! And pass this along, because the more the merrier. It is bound to be a ball!
Emily Cooper said...

Oh my gosh! I wish so badly I could come to this! All of those leggings are to die for!

Emily Cooper said...

Yes I do!! Just a couple blocks south of BYU.

Emily Cooper said...

I'll have to see if I can make it! I neeeeeeeeed leggings badly!

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