Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 15


Today is Brooklyn from A Little Too Jolley!
She is the happiest girl you will ever meet.
And I am happy to have her here today.

I remember my sophomore year of high school I decided that I honestly didn't care what anyone thought anymore, it was time to be me. And as good-intentioned as that decision was, I decided that it meant I could wear sweat pants and messy pony tails everyday. After a few months of dressing like that, I realized I hated how it made me feel. I was REALLY girly, so I might as well dress like it. I started incorporating chunky necklaces, and skirts in my wardrobe, and when people asked what I was dressed up for I'd tell them, "LIFE!"

One of the hardest things about fashion for me is my body type. I'm 5 foot zero inches and have a wild hour glass figure. As grateful as I am for my curves, it's hard to find shirts that flatter my figure but will button all the way to the top. And my big booty makes it hard to find jeans that fit appropriately. In my fashion trials, I've learned to NEVER settle. If I don't absolutely love the way something fits at the store, I don't get it. And I try to find tops that tuck in at my waist, the tiniest part on my body. Once I decided it was okay to not be a stick thin size zero, I started finding clothes that flattered me!
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Fashion is for everyone! Fashion is about dressing the way you want and in a way that makes you feel good about yourself. I am a full time cosmetology student which means I have to wear all black every day, which is boring. So I dress up my all black with a leopard scarf or a colorful necklace and some heels, it makes the dress code my own.

I get inspiration everywhere, other fashion bloggers, magazine, Pinterest and sometimes my husband! I am all for finding great deals through thrifiting, and I also don't hesitate to pay full price for an item if I know it will get tons of use. You don't have to have a specific body type to dress cute, everyone can. Have confidence in yourself! Generally speaking, people are too worried about themself to ever worry about what you're wearing and doing.
Katherine Nay said...

Cute! I love her attitude towards fashion :)

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