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My favorite part about Christmas shopping is finding new shops. But not just shops. Shops that have a purpose beyond commercial-ism and making money. It seems like lately those sorts of shops are showing up all over... and I am LOVING it. Shops that incorporate sustainability, technology, storytelling, and design among all their other wonderful attributes. Recently I was introduced to a store that does just that. It includes all of those things into one philosophy of simplicity and collaboration. 

WE'VE is a community for connecting diverse, highly-skilled people together, where beautiful relationships and objects emerge. They view sustainability from several lenses: ecological, economic, social, personal, communal, and cultural. These perspectives ensure that their decisions in one area have positive ripples elsewhere - from the materials their artisans use, to the impact they have in their communities. WE'VE creates value by honoring values.

They have everything from scarfs and handbags to stuffed animals and iPad cases. All of the products are handmade by Artisans from around the world. They are the "crafters of beautiful products". They come from far, far away or as close as your back yard. And they all joined together to make beautiful products with a beautiful purpose. A WE'VE purchase helps sustain artisans' craftsmanship and jobs, as well as their families, communities, and children's education.

Jacket: Forever 21 \\ Top: Forever 21 \\ Skirt: Nordstrom \\ Boots: TJ Maxx
Handbag: WE'VE \\ Facebook \\ Twitter \\ Instagram \\ Pinterest \\ Google+

WE'VE said, "Technology weaves together the work we do: we share video stories between artisans and buyers, exchange sketches between designers and artisans, collect suggestions from buyers, and expand artisans' and buyers' reach through our e-commerce engine. Inviting you to share in the creator's process is our way of building a transparent and vibrant market. We highlight the making process and hands- on workmanship, and use a "bottom up" approach that invigorates often-unseen processes and elevates respect for artisans across the globe. At WE'VE, we develop new designs with our artisan and designer partners, showing that "high-design" and "hand-made" are not mutually exclusive."

This is something I love. Communities supporting community. People supporting people. Looking for good things and looking to keep it close. Why don't we all spend more time building up the community we have been blessed with? This year, rather than going out, take time to support local shops. Take time to support shops with a greater cause. Check out the WE’VE Built website, get to know the artisans and buy a gift this holiday season. There are a lot of great shops with a solid foundation to what they support. Are there any shops with a greater cause you like? What shops have you seen that honor values and create value?
Sandy a la Mode said...

i did my WE'VE Built post today too! love that bag!!

Sandy a la Mode

Kelsey Bang said...

such a fun bag! love items for a cause! your boots are so dang cute!

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