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A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of attending an open house at The Perfect Dress at their new location. I've been to The Perfect Dress a few times at their old location as I shopped for my wedding gown and my best friend shopped for her gown. About 4 months ago they moved up to a new shop in Holliday, and let me tell you. The shop is stunning. Absolutely beautiful. Imagine all white and all bright, a beautiful jewelry counter, gowns lining all the walls except one, and on that one there is exposed white washed brick. It was seriously beautiful. The second I walked in I wished I had a reason to go wedding dress shopping again. 

Look at those jewels and those store front gowns! How could you walk into that store and not feel absolutely bridal? Beyond just a beautiful store, the store owner has a beautiful event set up for all of the woman in attendance. Perrier bottles, macaroons, swag bags full of girly goodies, and models showing off all her new designs. 

Okay. So here is Michelle and I with the store owner. She is just a babe. Seriously. A spunky lady with all the wedding knowledge you need. Plus a little more. Here are a few of her wedding tips:

1. The front needs to look as good as the back.  So often, as women, we pick our outfits based on what looks good in the front. But what about the back? When you are getting married you will most likely have your back to those in attendance for the entire ceremony. Make sure the back is just as flattering to your body and that things are laid perfect. This is one of the very few, if not the only, moments that you will have all the attention on you and on your backside.

2. Have a sense of urgency. Gowns don't grow on trees! And they aren't just sitting in a store waiting for you to go buy it up. Most dresses take 3 months to get. That is because stores only carry sample dresses and designers only make them when they are ordered. It is always safe to go wedding dress shopping at least 4 months before the wedding to make sure you get the gown you love and you have time to alter it.

3. Alter the dress to you not yourself to the dress. This makes me think of the movie Bride Wars... "You don't alter Vera! You alter yourself for Vera!" But seriously... who doesn't want to look absolutely perfect in their gown? And every bride wants something unique. Don't go cookie cutter. Make the dress your own with an awesome seamstress. The Perfect Dress has 6 in house seamstresses that can make anything work and look great. Don't be afraid to buy a strapless and make it perfect for you.

4. Don't buy white. It's a nice day for a white wedding? Nope. Starch white gowns are heading out for three reasons. First, your pearly whites wont look as white. Second, you tend to appear like you have dark eyes. Third, lots of times the gown photographs blue and will need lots of touching up. Don't be afraid to go ivory!

She has a lot more tips than that though. She has been in the business for over ten years, she has sold thousands of gowns, attended wedding markets year over year, and she will help you make beautiful for your wedding day. Now some dresses!

As you can see they have sleeves and sleeveless, but they can make anything work for any type of wedding. Whether you need a temple fill or just something for a springtime garden wedding. The Perfect Dress is not your typical wedding gown. They will make any gown in their store YOUR gown.

Here we have Miss Michelle and I heading out after a perfect night at The Perfect Dress. Michelle and I both work in events and we studied together at BYU. We also talked through our own wedding details with each other a lot. You'll be hearing more on weddings in the near future. So keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for that! 

Oh and isn't that store front just beautiful? I am in love with the store. Now... who wants to get married so I can help you plan your wedding? I will take you straight to The Perfect Dress. And don't get me wrong, I love my wedding dress. Love, love, love it. But I wouldn't mind trying on the gowns at The Perfect Dress! What style of dress do you love? Would you trade in your wedding gown for a different style?

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Mara and Jae said...

i often wish i had tried more dresses on when shopping for my own wedding dress. i tried on a total of 3 i think. i wish i tried more styles and branched out a bit, just to see if i really wanted what i thought i wanted. don't get me wrong, i loved my dress, but there are so many styles that you might not think would work and so i didn't try them. so many beautiful dresses these days!

Kendra Klingler said...

I agree 100% on not going white. Plus they don't look great on the hanger. I tell every bride that I've had about the difference between white and ivory.

Life with Amberly said...

How fun!!!! It's good to know that ivory dresses are in, that's the color I went for! I didn't like how my skin tone looked in white! :P

Michelle said...

Such a fun night with gorgeous women and dresses!

Kimberly said...

Trying on wedding dresses was just my favorite thing ever! I still look at the picture of the dress I wish I could have afforded. . . I loved my dress too though!

Brooklyn McKenna said...

The back of my dress was my favorite part! So pretty! <3 Such good tips!

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