Dear Bridal Shower,


I have the most adorable friends that plans the most adorable parties. And the party this time was for me! My sweet, sweet friends Mallory and Cassidy planned my bridal shower. And it was seriously one of the best ones I have ever been too. I guess that is a perk of being the last of your friends to get married, they already know how to host parties! Seriously... I am still in love with my shower because it was INCREDIBLE. 

Mallory designed the invite (she designs everything for me... wall prints, invites, announcements... you name is and she does it!) for the party. She also made all the signs, banners, and decorations for the party, as well as the cute game print outs. She has an adorable little etsy shop where she designs what you want, emails your the PDF, and then you print it. Check it out!

Green sugar on the glasses? And photos of Adam and I everywhere! 

Everything was painted and decorated to match my wedding colors. 

The games Cassidy and Mallory planned! They were so much fun. 

The first game was a wedding jumble game. Words all scrambled up and you had to figure out what they were. It was actually kind of hard. Here are the girls scrambling away for a prize!


The second was a he said, she said game. Both Adam and I were asked a set of questions and then Cassidy would read the question and one of our answers. If they thought I said it, the lips went up, if they thought Adam said it, the mustache went up. Our answers were so similar that is was a guess sometimes. Lots of talk about hiding places, being sneaky, and counting calories.

And then of course. The gifts. I have a lot of wonderful friends and I am so grateful for them. My sisters-in-law got me a heap of gifts with little explanations for everything. They are incredibly thoughtful.

 My sister in law, Kari Dawn, explaining some of the gifts she and Jo had given me.

And as everyone left they got a gift.
Little wedding cakes! 

See what I loved my shower so much. It was perfect. I am so lucky to have friends that care about me so much. And I am even luckier to have friends that are so creative! Mallory went all out with her designing skills. The decorations were adorable. The food was so yummy. And the games were a hoot. Thank you so so SO much to Cassidy and Mallory for an incredible shower in Utah, and thank you to all my friends that came. I am so lucky and incredibly grateful.

brielle said...

ADORABLE shower!!! love the mini wedding cakes!

Christi Lynn said...

cute invitations! and what fun!

Cassidy said...

Thanks for getting married so we could throw you a party. You're so great.

Shannon said...

I love your friend's work! She's very talented! Favorited her etsy shop for future reference. :)

I can't get enough of those mustaches! Love, love, LOVE them!

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