Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 9


Today we have Janae from Discovering Janae for Fashion Fits Everyone.
An honest writer who is comfortable being just her.
And I love it. I think you will too.

I believe that having true beauty is having confidence in yourself. Knowing that you are secure in the world and that you have a place in it. I feel that beauty is something that radiates from within. To me, the most beautiful people are those that are happy. Beauty is not something that you put on but rather I believe that it's something that shows others if you love and take care of yourself. Everyone is beautiful, no matter what their body type or fashion style.

My body type or shape? Maybe a pear? All I know is that I've got curves and I love it! Which is funny because I haven't always been this way and it's taken me a long time to come to terms with it. But I'm happy with the body that I have been given. My style is both comfortable and practical. Except for special or fancy occasions you will always see my wearing my trusty Columbia brand ankle high boots, blue jeans, light tee with some layers depending on the weather. My style is usually pretty neural filled with blacks, grays, and creams. But when I'm feeling like I need a splash of color, blue is my go-to color!

If I could give someone fashion advice it would just be to go with what is comfortable! Life is too short to be wearing something that you don't like. Feel free to express yourself and feel comfortable walking out into the world. And remember that any outfit is never complete without a smile!

There really is fashion out there that does fit everyone. Maybe what works for one person might not work for another, but that's half the fun! Whenever I think about fashion and beauty I always think of this lovely video done by Emma Thompson and the organization Endangered Species. It really doesn't matter what you wear on the outside but what you decide to think on the inside.
Brooklyn Jolley said...

Some of the girls at my Cosmetology school wear heels all day every day. Often complaining about their feet. I always wear flats. It might not be as stylish, but it lets me stay on my feet all day. :) Comfort is as important as fashion! AND you can have both!

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