Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 18


I have adored Jessi from Haircut and a General Attitude since the very first time I read her blog. She reminded me of a Carly Rae, but this past year I had the change to meet her and build a friendship. I absolutely think she is wonderful. I admire her fashion and her attitude. And I can't wait for you to meet her.

I don’t usually talk openly about my body and my relationship with it but I really love this series that Deidre is putting together and I wanted to show my support so here it goes!

I’m a pear shape. I have a tiny waist, not much in the chest area and wide hips. I won’t lie and say I’m completely comfortable in my own skin, we all get down on ourselves sometimes. I've always had issues with my lower body seeming so big in comparison and I've never been the biggest fan of my legs. I feel like lately that’s beginning to change slowly but surely! I've noticed in the past year or so that taking care of your body goes a long way to making peace with it. I usually eat fairly healthy and I definitely notice the negative way I feel, physically and emotionally towards myself when I don’t. I also started running regularly a few months ago to train for my first half marathon and not only has it helped slim my legs a little but more importantly it gives me a huge confidence boost and makes me a happier person. 

 photo FFEButton_zps3ece9ed1.pngHappiness and beauty go hand in hand. Audrey herself said “happiest girls are the prettiest girls” and Marilyn Monroe said “imperfection is beauty”. I've always found the things that make a person different and unique the most beautiful and intriguing (whether physical or as part of their character). Beauty doesn't come in a mold, it comes in the little details that set you apart and show your personality. A face full of freckles, a beauty mark, a head of wild curls, curves that are just your own, a smile that brightens the room, a contagious laugh. Beauty comes in so many different forms. 

Fashion should make you feel more beautiful and add to your confidence, not make you feel like you have to be a certain size, shape or way. To me, fashion is an expression of yourself, your personality and what makes you you, so how could fashion not fit everyone? I believe that you can wear whatever you want and make it look good with a little confidence and your own take on it. That’s my style advice. Don’t be afraid to wear anything you love. Wear it with confidence. Own it & make it your own!
K&R said...

jessi is the best. she truly radiates beauty and confidence. she's so amazing and i love everything she said, she's so inspiring!

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