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A long, long time ago I posted about Notes and Knots and said the full outfit would be coming soon. Well here we are one whole month later with the outfit for your viewing pleasure. This has been my favorite casual outfit lately. It is easy, simple, and comfy to all ends. You might remember me mentioning I am a spandex girl before. So add my favorite chambray to spandex and hair pulled back with a cute headband? You have a winner! Like. A serious winner. It is great for lounging and running errands. Then, if you are going out that night or meeting up with a friend throw on some fun flats and a bold necklace and it is transformed from relaxed to snazzy! But in addition to that... remember, you are never fully dressed without a smile! That is a hint, hint to hang around until the end of the post to hear about teeth!

Chambray: Gap \\ Leggings: Walmart \\ Shoes: Forever Young
Headband: c/o Notes and Knots \\ Necklace: Bluebird Bride

Okay. So I mentioned smiles and that forever famous Annie song. My smile is something I take pride in. I work hard to keep it nice. So hard that I pulled out all my baby teeth (ones that weren't even loose) in 3rd grade so I could get braces sooner.. I know. That is is pushing it. But Fast forward after all the braces, dentist appointments, and Crest Whitestrips... this last year my wedding gift from my brother and his wife was a whitening kit for Adam and myself. LOVED it. And today, thanks to Marz Orthodontics you can win your own teeth whitening!

Marz Orthodontics works to create extraordinary smiles in faster treatment time and with greater comfort, using the most up-to-date treatments. Dr. Kenneth Marz has been a practicing orthodontist since 1995, and spends his spare time volunteering for Healing Hands for Haiti. In order to help everyone find their smile, Dr. Marz accepts most insurances, including Medicaid, for braces. Visit either of his offices in the Salt Lake area of Utah, or check out his website for more information. Three cheers to Dr. Marz and for your chance to brighten those pearly whites!
Kelsey Eaton said...

Love this outfit on you! I need to find leggings that aren't see through!

Alacia Hood said...

I agree with Kelsey- You make it look so good! Wish I could pull this look off. And seriously- how do you get that headband to look so good?! Share your secrets! I always just end up looking like a doofus.

Chevron andLace said...

I love seeing all of these outfit posts from you! It gives me so many ideas of what kinds of clothes I can wear, and don't you think it kind of helps your self-esteem to have good pictures taken of you in an outfit and make you look good? Then, you always have a reminder of how amazing you really are. You're gorgeous babe!

Sue//Chevron ands Lace

April @ Hansen Love said...

I agree with Kelsey. You look amazing! And those leggings, i love those leggings!

Kelsey Eaton said...

PS That necklace would be perfect for a new Years party. I love the bling!

The Frugal Greenish Mama said...

I love the leggings! My daughter so loves the legging and this may be my year to embrace them!

lilly martin said...

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