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The best things in life offer a rental program... the library, Netflix, my mother's movie collection... and now Le Tote! So I bet you are wondering, what is Le Tote? This website is awesome for us women that love to get new clothing but aren't ready to clear out the old items because it allows you to pay a monthly fee and an unlimited closet. In fact, their tagline is, "Your closet expanded."

I got a lot of fun things in my first box. To be honest, the items they sent aren't things I would be totally drawn to at the store and off the rack, but I have LOVED putting the outfits together once the items were in my hand. Here are two outfits from my first Le Tote box.
When you first log onto the site you'll create a style profile, add some designer pieces to your closet and a team of stylists will send you a box featuring 3 garments & 2 accessories that fit your chosen style. You get to wear them for as long as you like and then send the box back and get another one with all new items in it. Essentially you can have unlimited boxes a month for your $49/month fee. It is super simple and convenient because they include a return envelope for the items once you wear them.

Le Tote is an awesome opportunity to try out new looks and new styles with designer items without breaking the bank. Plus, you will always have something new and fun to wear, and who doesn't love that?! 
dani krum (love me, dani marie) said...

You are beautiful girl!! I am loving both looks!!
Love Me, Dani Marie

Cece said...

Love it that you are wearing brown shoes with black pants. I get so caught up in thinking it must be black on black but that is clearly not the case!!

Rochelle Edvalson said...

I like both of those outfits on you -- a lot! does La Tote let you buy them if they happen to be amazing?

Anonymous said...

I love the teal. It makes me happy to know that I chose a good company to work with. If you know anyone who wants to try Le Tote and get 10% of the first month, have them stop by Aphrodite+Kidd's Closet

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