Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 16


Today's Fashion Fits Everyone is featuring Miss Ashley.
She is my go to photographer and a gem of a friend.
I have always loved chatting with her, and even more her style.

As Marilyn Monroe said, "I'm very definitely a woman and I enjoy it." I couldn't agree with her more! Having three older sisters at a young age I was always into fashion, wearing makeup & planning out my outfits. I loved putting new outfits together & would plan out my outfits weeks at at time. I even had a journal of my outfit schedule. Fashion is something that is and should be fun for every girl.

I am a curvy girl! My body has changed a lot since I stopped dancing in college a few years back. I have to come to learn one thing with that change which is despite my shape or size that you (and I) still have to LOVE who you are despite your body. True beauty comes from within. If you are confident, you are beautiful. If you are a genuine sweet person, you are beautiful. I have always had a booty and thighs and so to dress I try to layer, drape, and wear darker colors on bottom. Even though I am 5' 8" I still rock the high heels and tall wedges. Shoes have always been my favorite and add so much to your outfit!

 photo FFEButton_zps3ece9ed1.pngI would say my style is very eclectic. A little bit of the classy girl in me mixed up with my sassy edgy side, add in a little bling and some bright lips and you have my style down! My biggest advice to everyone out there is TRY IT! Try new things, bring back old trends, and make new ones. I have so many friends who say to me "only you can pull that off! I wish I could." This is where confidence comes in. If you want to rock it, do it! Sure, at times I may feel silly wearing a new trend or that bright red lipstick. It does take some adjustment but I say go for it! Be confident. Bust out the bright colors, or the pattern mixing. Confidence is the prettiest thing a girl can wear. Try it!

I do believe that fashion does fit everyone! Wear what makes you feel pretty, sexy & that reflects your personality. Be yourself. There is nothing better. Be true to your own fashion. A little secret for you: there are no rules. Be your own kind of beautiful!
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