News from the Skinnys


1. We moved. Not really a move at all since it was a town over. But, still. We moved. And all the furniture fits in the new apartment... which makes Deidre so happy because she was almost in tears every night thinking about buying a new couch. Pictures of the new home coming soon!
2. Adam came up with a brilliant way to get ice cream out of a those cardboard boxes. Just cut it. Ice cream cubes are way better than scoops.
3. Deidre died her hair blond. Adam changed which side he part his hair per Deidre's request.
4. The blog hit 900 followers. Thank you so much to everyone! It was such a humbling number to see on the sidebar. Looking forward to 900 more followers. Or 9000... that would be sweet.
5. Deidre is now in charge of all social media, alongside her event manager duties, for the Provo Marriott. Cool gig.
6. We have cable for the first time in our married lives. But we don't have internet yet and we can't find our cell phone chargers or any of Adam's socks.
7. Adam officially became a Utah resident for tax purposes... that sucks. (Sorry to any people that are Utah residents, we just are not.. and should never have to be... unless we are trying to save money for tax purposes. I'm being all sorts of Utah-offensive, huh?)
8. Adam was invited down to a private workout with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He had a really good outing. Now we must wait until the draft in a few days.
9. Deidre started Insanity. She is always sore now. Also. Shakeology is delicious and she really misses eating chocolate covered gummy bears.
10. This weekend Adam and Deidre are running the Dirty Dash. And that will be sweet. Adam will probably run it and Deidre will probably walk it... because, as previously mentioned, she is sore.
11.Draper UT has a weird U-turn intersection... not that that has anything to do with us. We just thought it was interesting and weird.
12.There will be a new series introduced soon. *Hint: Who likes TV? What are your favorite shows*... that wasn't a hint at all. Those were real questions that I would like answered.
13. Deidre has made a promise to de-junk her closet... aka. There will be lots of D.I. bags in the near future. Adam is teaching her the way of organization.14. And last, but not least, watch for a giveaway coming up.

You can follow along with our lives on (@lovetheskinnys for Deidre and @skinnymill for Adam) Twitter and Instagram! What is going on in your lives? What news do you have to share? Oh... and for real - answer that question up above about TV.
Amanda Schroeder said...

Umm okay. I love reading about this. Because I work in draper. And the U-turn lights? Are so stupid. I think the mayor who approved that may have been on crack. So weird.

I like the way you cut your ice cream. Congratulations on 900 followers! That is seriously so amazing! So happy for you. Lastly, I must see your hair. Please post a picture. I have always wondered what I would look like. I need to see it. Now! haha! You like it?!

Autumn @ The Unreal Life said...

Bahaha you are adorable. I really liked the absolute lack of theme, just life updates--adorbs =) My favorite TV shows are Gossip Girl (still in denial it ended), Revenge, Nashville and The Mindy Project.

Big life updates: ummm trying to decide whether to stick it out here or move back home and go to grad school. All my coworkers are crazies. I went on a date with a wierdo who called me babe. I miss my niece.

Sorry I'm not sorry I took all your questions literally and just told you 20 things about my life. xoxo.

A Muse in Purple said...

Dear Deidre, a few things, if you come to AZ for the Diamondbacks hit me up, I'm 3 hours away. Next up, can you email me a black and white Smile Chronicle because I only have a black and white printer ;( Finally , Congratulations on 900, so stoked for you!! xo

Amberly said...

I'm still waiting to see pictures of this blonde hair!!! POST THEM NOW!!!!!! At least on Instagram?! ;) I'm sure you look gorgeous, as always!

Suzzie V said...

I was sooo sad when I became a citizen of Utah, and even more sad when I moved to Provo. I had this goal of getting my degree and then flying back to Boston the minute after. now I love it more than any other place I've lived. who would have thought?

Jessica Ashcroft said...

That is SOOO exciting that Adam got to practice with the Diamondbacks! Wow! What an awesome opportunity! Good luck! And congrats on 900 followers :)

I want to see your hair too! Post a pick :)

xo, Jessica

Kelsey Eaton said...

What?! Post the blonde hair now girlfriend!!

Samantha Kemp said...

I might be the 50th person to request this but I don't care... LET'S SEE THE BLONDE!!!!! I was laughing so hard about the UT thing... I totally get that!! Congrats on the 900, I'm so excited for you!!!!

Congrats to Adam, and on your new house I can't wait to see the pictures of your new place!!

Love you!

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

I want to see the blonde!! And I recently had to renew my drivers license.... from Oregon to Utah. I wore black for three weeks after that.

LaynahRose said...

Congratulations on the new home!
We need pictures of the blonde :)

sc said...

I took a picture of that same light, just so I could show everyone the stupid light in Draper!

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