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So earlier this week I mentioned my friend Sam. And that she just started a blog. And so now I want to tell you that you should REALLY think about going to read it. Because she will make you laugh. Because she is hilarious. Her post has been up for about a week and she posts her life lessons of living all sorts of virgin things. So far there are six life lessons...
  • Lesson #1: be careful what you google for...
  • Lesson #2: try not to know more about TV than you do about math
  • Lesson #3: Speak like a lady
  • Lesson #4: Never allow your children to watch Disney movies (if you want them to have healthy relationships...)
  • Lesson #5: Be better at texting!
  • Lesson #6: Bring a little more hopelessness and and dependency into your life!
I feel like those are pretty valuable lessons she has learned. And at such a young age. Well... let me tell you something else. Sam has always been funny. Aging back to our times playing rec basketball in 4th grade - because that is where our friendship began. It led to many adventures... including getting a BMW stuck in a muddy back road. And just like a good cheese she has gotten better with age. So the other day I won a "name that movie" contest on her blog - but rather than take the prize I made her a deal to host a giveaway on my blog! That way you can get to know her, we can help give her baby blog some traffic, and you can win a customized Sam gift! Now here is my girl Sam to tell you alll about it. Take it away sister friend!

I have been cutting up magazines and glueing pictures and words together for years, it was something to do while I watched the multitudes of television and movies I spend hours upon hours on and make me feel like I was being productive. They decorate my walls, my notebooks (like the two we're giving away!) my folders, binders, boxes, everything I own. I know my friends love me when they give me stacks of their used magazines. I"m so excited to be able to share this hobby with you guys, enjoy these notebooks, they were glued with my blood, sweat and tears; ok not literally that wouldn't work… and it would be gross…

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So help me out by helping Sam out. Enter the giveaway. Stop by Sam's blog.
And have a smashing day.

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