Hormones Out Of Whack


Blogs are helpful. Let me tell you the many reasons why they are helpful.

  • You can make new friends. Blogger friends. That you may or may not ever actually see in real life. I am lucky enough to have met a handful since I live in Utah (aka. Blogger Capital of the World) but to all my friends that live in a different state, I wish us luck in meeting.
  • I always have someone to talk to. Either responding to a comment or leaving a comment.
  • Sometimes you get free stuff. Which is awesome.
  • My head is a lot more clear because everything I feel cluttered in there goes into a blog post... and then you have to try and decipher it.
  • You can learn a lot from other blogs. Cooking, crafting, fashion, makeup.... all sorts of things.
  • Self esteem boost. Whats up 600 followers that I don't even know but somehow you are reading all about my life... you are awesome.
  • And the final way... which brings me to the importance of my post... a blog can help you realize when your hormones need to be checked.
How did I know my hormones needed to be checked? Besides my insomnia, weight gain, mood swings, and headaches.... my blog helped me figure it out. How you ask? Because I used to be funny. I used to be put into any situation and I could make it funny. Whether it was getting my hair cut, getting an extremely awkward security check, reliving my dating past, or having a claw for a hand. All which are normal. I could make people laugh in my posts. Here. Let me give you an example of the comments I used to get:

That is right people. Even Gentri Lee thinks I am funny. Now these are the comments I get.
In case you didn't get it... that means nothing. Zero. Nada. The big goose egg. I get hardly any comments anymore. And I think it is because I haven't been writing funny things... that is what brought you all in the first time. And I don't write funny things because I am emotional. And why am I emotional? Well. Web MD told me I might need my hormones checked. So what did I do? I got my hormones checked. And my blog was right. My hormones were off balance. So here is to a few pills and hoping that I can get back to the women I once was. A huge shout out to all my followers and blogger friends and of course my blog. Because without all of you... I might not have known to get my hormones checked. Even though I probably would have because this weight gain thing (my insulin levels were off the chart) is CA-RAZY! And I am not liking having gained 20 pounds in the last 8 months.

April said...

Well heres a comment! thanks for writing. You may not think you're funny but either way I love reading your posts! I started reading about two weeks ago and I love your blog.


aree1997 said...

Yeeah you are actually funny :D I am impressed!! You are a true blogger :) This post helped a lot. The best thing as being a blogger is that you really get free items from fellows -no scam- and your fellows really listen to your words and somehow help you :)

Aree With Umbrella

Mariasha said...

I don't know what you're talking about! I thought your ponytail post was pretty funny!

Xoxo Mariasha

Kelsey Eaton said...

Love this post! I think you are awesome and I didnt even know you when your hormones were "normal" so take that! You rock!

A Muse in Purple said...

Hun, I adore you and I'm still here! And if anything I thought this post was going down the pregnancy road, now that would be crazy! You know what will get you out of your funk? Dance! I bet that will help! xoxo

Cassi @ Stop And Smell The Roses said...

WHATEVER DEIDRE! (said with my fingers in the shape of a "W") I LOVE this blog! It's one of my favs! It's actually my fault... I am a bad commenter. If I have things to do, rather than coming back later and reading AND commenting, I just impatiently read. And don't comment. Rude, huh?
Anyway, I promise to do better. Not because I feel sorry for you. But because I LOVE getting comments. They are truly mood boosters and that whole "Do unto others..." saying comes to mind. PLUS.. I am only 2.5 hours away from you, so we're practically neighbors! ;) Hope you get to feeling better!!

Brielle said...

i think you are still as awesome as ever! but seriously, hormone problems can be the worst. i have been trying to balance my hormones for like... four years. ever since my senior year of high schoo1! it can lead to all sorts of other problems so its way good you caught it. good luck!

Julia P F said...

Sounds like PCOS. Glad you're back on track!

JaNae Norman said...

I LOVE your blog! I've only been following for about two weeks but you always make me laugh and put a smile on my face. The best part of your blog is that you are real and i love it! I totally agree with you too. That's why I started blogging cause i wanted to make friends. I live in Utah too! Hopefully we can meet someday!


eryka {from abcde} said...

Ohh girl I heart you! Can't wait to meet you someday...hopefully soon!

Hailey. said...

Boo to being women with crazy hormones! I totally agree that you can figure out what's really going on inside of you through writing. I had to stop blogging for a year because I realized the same thing - I had just lost it. I wasn't funny or didn't have anything cool to blog about. However, please don't do that to us, keep blogging! I think you're great and I don't even really know you. :)


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