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I would be lying if I didn't say one of my favorite parts of being a titleholder was riding in parades. I can't really peg down the reason why it is so fulfilling. I first started typing, "Just sitting around smiling and waving"... but that doesn't sound that awesome at all.

Yes, it is fun to be driven down a parade with all eyes on you. Yes, it is cute when little girls call out, "Princess! LOOK! A princess!" Yes, it is comical when someone shouts, "Girl, you single?" After waving so long your arm is tired and smiling your cheeks are sore... I guess the real reason I love it and it is fulfilling is because it makes me a part of my community. As the parade routes down the boulevard to the city park I see old friends, classmates, teachers, and people I have met at appearances. And I am reminded... these are the people I am going to be representing at state this year, this is why I compete. A parade is more than a chance to look pretty in the back of a convertible  it is a chance to see all the people that support me. It is a reminder of why I am doing what I do.

Leigh said...

This is such a neat post! I remember in high school when we did parades they were always a blast to wave and throw candy to the kids. ;)

Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

Hello! I'm visiting you via Find + Follow Friday!

My sister was Miss Tecumseh (Oklahoma) last year and she did a lot of really cool things! Including the parade, and the tallent + handing out awards (after she won that was part of her duties as Miss Tecumseh!).

Anway, just thought I'd say hi!

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