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Who knew walking could be so hard? I have been walking since I was a little baby. Yet I have to practice walking now... WHAT IS THIS?! Shoulders back, tush tucked, pull from the neck, bend your arms... but not too much, swipe the fingers, smaller strides, tighten up... I remember the first time I had walking practice with my director. She kept saying, "Deidre... relax...." I tense up BIG time when I walk. It is scary. Pageant walking and human walking (that is right pageant girls don't walk like humans) are NOT the same thing. Let me see you put on 4 inch heels, turn on some Lady Gaga, and then walk around a huge stage in a pattern that is completely unnatural. Walking in patterns is weird. Walking in straight lines is normal. What the heck did I get myself into? Here are some photos of me "modeling" (walking) over the last few years.

Head up.
Small strides.
Swing the arms.
Pretend you are holding weights.
Bend the arms.
Not so much bend.
Speed up.
Up, up, up.
Slow down.
Less hips.
More movement.

The previous words are all things that have been said to me during walking practice. Luckily the camera has caught me in moments of strength rather than weakness. Weakness usually trumps. How do you expect me to suck in, tuck my tush, take small strides, and perfect arm movement, with my shoulders square and still breathe? I am just lucky I haven't passed out. I know how to walk. I really do!


(Previously posted May 31, 2012.)
Anonymous said...

Your photo's look great and I'm glad you posted them because the description you gave on how to walk sounded like it looked very painful. You're beautiful woman by the way!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

i love that red dress, you look stunning. definitely couldn't model, because im not very good at walking in general. lol


bri dubois said...

Modeling was always the hardest part for me, but you look dang good!

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