Fashion Is Back, Maybs.


It has been a long while since I did a fashion post. Sorry about that people. But I have a good excuse. Remember when I switched jobs? Well... during that time I didn't get ready for the three weeks in between jobs. So, unless you wanted to see the leggings and sweatshirts I wore. I don't know, maybe you did? If you did... let me know! Either way. Here is a post of my new dress. Starting with the least flattering picture, so scroll past is quickly, thanks.

 Dress: Soel / Cardigan: Target / Scarf: Soel / Shoes: Forever Young

I have a few good ideas of how to wear this dress now that I have it... so don't be surprised if it shows up again. Especially as soon as I find my long sleeve grey shirt. Somehow it has disappeared. If I had anywhere to go for New Years, this would be the dress... but once you become wed there aren't as many parties. Anyone got any ideas for me!?

blesid thrifter said...

Oh that dress! I would wear it with everything! Looks so comfy... you need some boots girl, with all that snow! New followers from the Aloha! xoxo jules

Megan Githens said...

Hi! SO cute! LOVE your blog, new follower here from the Aloha Blog Hop! Would love a visit from you over at Moms Surviving Kids!

Claire Justine said...

Hi stopping by and following from the alloha blog hop :)Great outfit I've just brought a skirt like yours with polka dots,would be great if you would follow back?

Janine said...

Gorgeous outfit, thanks for the comment on my blog, I am following you back now :)

Janine xx

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