Dear Weekend,


Busy. And fun. You were busy and fun. And it was a good kind of busy too. Not the busy where I come home at night and say to myself, "Deidre, what the heck are you putting yourself through!?" The kind of busy where I come home and say to myself, "Well that was a success!" And then I can put my head down on my pillow and think "Victory." 

This is what happened... and I can give you more details laters. Deal? Deal.

Pretzel Salad (recipe to come)
Lunch Date at Sammy's thanks to an AWESOME Groupon
book shopping... still have yet to buy one
Hanging out with my BFF Gloria, so sad she is moving
Dinner Date at Texas Roadhouse
Double Date of cards and s'mores with our favorite people Mark and Mallory

Treats for all!

At Sammy's we had to wait... forever... because all the boxes and shipments were all out on the counter.

Clearly one dinner roll decided to eat the others and was WAY bigger.

Breakfast at Kneaders with Adam's mission companions
Donate plasma... tried and failed. My veins are too little!
Bought a kitchen table at Kmart
7 Peaks Waterpark
Lots of Prison Break
Trafalga and Sonic with friends

The nice countdown Adam put in my phone while waiting to donate plasma...

  Adam was Rambo and I was Poseidon.

 Four men on the little kid Frog Hopper? Broken.... 
"You can have one or two adults on it at a time! NEVER four!"

See what I mean? Successful weekend. Too much The perfect amount of fun!


Kelsey Pauxtis said...

Bwahaha I'm laughing so all of it. His face, your face...the buns but mostly the frog hopper! Four grown men broke the kids ride! Classic!!!!

Janette said...

Oh my gosh! You did everything this weekend! haha! i'm pooped just reading through this post! And now I NEED dinner rolls.. NOOOOO!

Janette, the Jongleur

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