The Bachelor: Season 21, Episode 1-4


Alright. So obviously I took some time away from blogging. If you didn't know that, then just click back in my posts and you will see I have posted like once a month for the last five months. That is fine. And when Bachelor started up again I thought, I should blog about this. And then I missed my review of the women and no one said anything... so I was like meh, no one cares. I am fine not blogging. But THEN in the last week I have had a handful of people message me to ask for my blog URL to read my reviews, or ask where my posts were, or be like Deidre... are you even watching this season? Well let me tell you something I AM WATCHING. And now I am reviewing again. Because I would hate to let my four followers down.

So since I am a little late, I am just going to recap all my thoughts up to this point and then I will start my weekly summaries for you. How do you like that? I like it too.

First, let's talk about something. Does anyone else feel like they are throwing random girls into the rose ceremony every week? Or is that just me? I feel like every rose ceremony I am just sitting there thinking... wait. Who is that? Where did she come from? And I think that not even when it just pans by them.... I think it when they are going to tell Nick YES for the rose. How did she get a rose when I didn't even know she existed!? Okay. I just needed to throw that out there.

Now, for obvi - let's just focus on the characters.

Nick. I love you. I hate you. I like you. I reallllly dislike you. Okay. Wait? Why did you win me over to watch this season and then just let me down. Are the producers really paying you that much to act like a straight fool? I am just so blown away by some of the things he says and does and how awkward he is. Is he getting paid to be awkward? I feel bad because I feel like a lot of my awesome top picks are too good for the kid. I don't know. I am still a fence person for Nick.

My tops are Vanessa, the Danielles, Sarah, and Raven is really starting to grow on me.

Wait. Before I talk about my tops... let's talk about Liz. What!? That was so awkward that she showed up and was like "we slept together but I dont know if he remembers me...." so I am confused why she would announce that on TV. Was she there because of money? Or for plot twist? Or because she really liked him? All so weird.

Okay. Back to the tops. Vanessa. I LOVE her because she totally called Nick out on his crap. I didn't think I would love her this much, but I do. She is classy and she has got it together. Danielles are both great - one is a mega babe and the other just seems like a genuinely wonderful woman. And then Sarah is just the cutest. And I really started to like Raven after her one on one with Nick and their chemistry was incredible. I am sure lots of other people really like these women too so I won't dive into these ones too much.

Now let's talk about Jasmine G, aka Gabrielle Union, I really like that spicy girl. I thought she had a good opportunity to be the villian. But she just seems like a semi diva that likes to get all up in that drama.

Taylor makes me like eeeeekkk....... I cant.


And Jospehine, girl girl girl. She is that quirky girl that you are like is she cool or is she strange. I can't decide. One thing though, she looks like a girl that could do really well on ANTM. Like Tyra would love her because she would photograph so well. You know?

Okay. The real girl you are wanting to talk about. Corinne. Whhhhhat? She is female Chad. So if you had any ill feels towards Chad you probably also have them towards Corinne. These are the things I have seen that I think best represent my feelings towards her. "Corinne cannot be a real human! I think she is a plant." And then, "I think Corinne's parents just gave her a copy of Sims and said run the business." Yes and yes. She is gutsy and crazy. And I think she knows they made her the villian so she is getting crazy and crazy and crazy and she eats a lot of chicken nuggets. Come to think about it. She is sort of like a toddler - she likes chicken nuggets and naps and attention. So it makes sense she has a nanny. I am getting it now!

Alright. That is it. Wrapped up. All my thoughts up to this point. Now get ready for a week by week recap and let's rock this joint.
LH said...

Ha ha ha I laughed my butt off reading this you recap perfectly. And I totally have all the same top picks!!! I hope Vanessa is the next bachelorette!

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