Stripes and Pocket


I am a big stripes fan. And I am a big pockets fan. So when I was presented with the most COMFORTABLE - seriously, so comfy - dress that had both. I was in. So in it was insane. I have always had my eye on Junie Blake dresses because they are so stylish and they are modest and they are all the good things. I have been able to wear this one so many times for different occasions, but of all of them this styling is my fave.

Dress: Junie Blake
Duster: Pink Blush
Booties: Nordstrom Rack

So I usually don't do the top knot, but I felt like a top knot tied this whole thing together to give it a more trendy look rather than a conservative dressy look. Does that make sense? So for example - I wore my hair down and really pretty with some heels instead of booties for a dinner party. I wore this for a fun day out with my friends. It is as easy as that to swap a look in and out. 

But no matter what way you style it, this dress is beautiful and I am obsessed with it. Next on my list is a fun leopard dress that Junie Blake released last month. And now I need it. 
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