Weekday Wardrobe


I am officially in the SOUTH! So this post is going to stay short and sweet. Idaho's weather was back and forth last week. Sun and sun, then rain and rain, then back to sun! And so my wardrobe captured it all. And next week you will be seeing lots of casual outfits since I will be in muggy Alabama! So look forward to that.

Monday | Kimono: Pink Blush | Top: SexyModest | Skirt: Target | Shoes: Forever Young
Tuesday | Kimono: Target | Top: SexyModest | Pants: Maurice's | Flats: Gap
Wednesday | Top: Pink Blush | Pants: Pink Blush | Heels: Scarpetta
Thursday | Blazer: Banana Republic | Top: SexyModest | Pants: Old Navy | Heels: Nordstrom Rack
Friday | Cardigan: Target | Top: Gap | Pants: Gap | Boots: Nordstrom

My favorite outfit from the week was for sure Thursday, and that photo does not do it justice! The pants are track pants and the heels have cheetah print on the wedges. I will be putting together an outfit post so you can see all the deets - I was in love with it. Which is your favorite outfit from last week?
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