The Bachelor Season 20: Episode 4


Everyone's once most hated day is now everyone's favorite - Monday! How could you be having a bad Monday when you know you will be going home to watch Ben Higgins on his journey for love? If you still hate Monday, you clearly have not been watching The Bachelor this season - and to that I say....

Pure shock. At it's finest. Okay - let's get to the recap of last week's episode to get you ready for week 5. You know what my favorite part about getting to week 5 and 6 is? That I can finally name almost every single girl by their real name and not the names I made up like "Catherine 2.0" and "The girl we haven't seen very much" - but let us all be honest. I will probably still call them by nicknames. The girls are finally out of the mansion and they are in Vegas!

First one on one date card shows up "You set my heart on fire," and it is for Jojo - not the pop star Jojo to be clear - and all the girls are instantly jealous. But it doesn't stop there. Hey ABC Producers - let's put the girls in a really awesome sweet where they can see everything that is happening for the one on one date. Starting with champagne at a cocktail table in the middle of an empty parking structure top level. And then they ladies can hear the helicopter - cut back to the parking structure top level and the table is falling over thanks to the helicopter wind. But Ben and Jojo don't let that stop them - they use the cocktail table as a shield from wind and from the lurking contestants so they can makeout. But it didn't cover enough. And all the girls are sad. Basically the date can be summed up like this - helicopter and dinner. And FIREWORKS!

Fireworks in Vegas and they watch it from their magical balcony. And the girls also get to watch it and be very sad that the fireworks are potentially for Jojo and not them. The twins are instantly sad because Jojo gets fireworks in their home town... wahhhhh. Everyone loves Jojo. I am still skeptical because I feel like she is a person that likes to stir crap up. Think back on the last few episodes - any time a girl talks one on one with Jojo they start crying. The verdict is still out on this one.

Next up is the group date. I missed what the date card said but I am sure it was something hilariously witty. Invited was Amanda, Jubilee, Caila, Amber, Haley, Emily, Lauren B, Leah, Lauren H, Jennifer, Rachel, and Olivia. TALENT SHOW!!!! Chicken suit, tennis something, dancing - we will get back to the dancing, and so many other wonderful things. Plus a live audience. Plus all the magic and costumes a stage hog could dream of. If you didn't see what the ladies came up with, I suggest taking time to head back. But I will for sure let you in on two dance performances. First up.. there is the twins.

Milk maid costumes! They were actually very, very talented though. Do not let the milk maidness fool you. They had dance skills for days. They performed a very well choreographed river dance, hard shoe dance. And instantly I wondered why the twins have not made any of the professional dance teams they auditioned for. The other dance performance of note is Miss Olivia.

Olivia kept talking about how she loves the spotlight and she does not get embarrassed easily. But wait! There is more! She might look like she knows what is going on but I will say once again... do not let the costume fool you - but for the opposite reason.

And that about sums up her performance. But only the performance. Post performance she realized she does get embarrassed. And she cried. And had what she called a panic attack, but what really happened was a huge realization that she isn't a ten cow wife. And that was manifested at the cocktail party when during their first - yes, I said first - one on one party Ben did not kiss her. And that freaked her out so she went back for another. And all the ladies's - and America's - dislike for Olivia has reached a high. Everyone is finally on the same side of disliking the villain. Yes, even me. Caila gets her one on one time at the cocktail and just wants to make out - she is now a sex panther, per Ben's words. And Lauren H gets the most adorable puppet and Ben time. Lauren B gets the group date rose as an affirmation of what is there and Olivia is not pleased.

Last up is the final one on one date of the week and it goes to my favorite human of all time, Becca. I will not lie - I watched but I missed a bit because I was trying to cut a ice cream cake with the most frozen caramel for Shannon's birthday celebration. But basically what I caught is Ben proposed to marry other people and they had the time of their life. And they looked so perfect together... they look like they should be wed.

And after they spend the whole day being babes and wedding people they hop in a perfect pink convertible and head to one of my bucket list Vegas stops - the neon graveyard. And the whole thing feels very normal. I am surprised at how many girls have just normal conversations with Ben as opposed to previous seasons. And I love it. Becca, always at the top of my list.

Remember how I said last? Well - plot twist - Ben has ONE final date in mind. With the twins. Since they are in their home town he decides to take them on a double date to their home town and send one of them home. Which, I don't blame him. I am surprised he kept one though - I sincerely thought they would both go home the same day. By the photo below, can you guess which one he keeps?

If you guessed twin on the right, you guessed correctly! He is clearly more into her. And now I guess I need to call her Emily and not twin? But I will probably still call her twin. Lots of tears. Lots of hugs. But at least other twin gets to be at home when she gets broken up with?

Onto the rose ceremony. The girl that hasn't gotten any air time - the one name I am still not sure about - is first to snag Ben for a little convo. And in about three minutes of them getting to know each other they are interrupted by Olivia. But she has cheesecake!!! And then Ben doesn't kiss her again. The rest of the rose ceremony can be summed up with Olivia making up lies about how much Ben loves her, Jubilee fishing for compliments and confidence, Caila taking all the time to make out again - she is sure coming out of her shell, and girls feeling like they wish they could talk to him more. Only two girls went home this week and they were Rachel, not surprised, and Amber, definitely not surprised due to her bully moment the previous weekend. What did surprise me was Amber's full on Vegas moment - heels off, crying in a pool chair about not being lovable. She remembers that girls get eliminated, right? It happens. Okay - best dressed for the night Jennifer, Olivia - not her heels though, Caila, and Becca. My favorites are still Becca, Lauren B, and Amanda! Who are you loving? Anyone - other than Olivia - that you are hoping gets the boot next?
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