Live Happy


Something that I have come to realize in the last couple years is that it is really easy to get down. To let yourself not be happy. To find the negative in life. To just get in a rut. I have done it more times than I would care to admit. I feel like I have good reason to be a grumps lots of the time, but I have made a conscious decision to not be. I have made a choice to live happy. Because really, that is your choice. You decide whether to be happy or to be mad. You decide whether life is handing your a billion sugar cookies or rotten eggs. Anything can be wonderful with the right mind frame. And so this shirt has become my new motto. Live happy.


Shirt: Ivy City Co. c/o
Jeans: Old Navy
Sneakers: DSW

I have decided to live happy. I have decided to figure out the positive spin on everything. This past weekend I have had literally the worst luck in the world. I lost my ESA pass for Slider, had a full on emotional breakdown on the air plane, almost burned my eye out, got stuck in traffic for an hour, blew out a tire on one car, killed the other car... luckily that is about where the list stops. And while I wanted to be angry and upset and all of the above - I wasn't. I wasn't because I made the choice. To live happy. I got to see my husband. I got to be in Arizona where I could wear shorts. I got to see good friends. I got to eat caramel apples that my mother in law made for me. I got to be on vacation. I got to have a nice meal with my parents. I got a lot of wonderful things. And my negative attitude would have only clouded over all the good things. Live happy my friends, because when you smile. The whole world smiles with you. Who wants to join me? Who promises to join the happy movement and live happy?
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