Queen of Diamonds


Have you ever had an outfit in your closet that just lives on replay? For me it used to be my leggings and an oversized sweatshirt - simple and casual. But then I started realizing it probably wasn't the best thing to wear out and about town running errands so I started to hunt for something cozy, casual that works for the home, for errands, for everything. And finally. I found it. This outfit is on repeat at my house. I probably wear these boyfriend jeans and this queen of diamonds sweatshirt more than anything else. Plus, I am a recent Converse convert and I cannot stop wearing them either.


Jeans: NoVae
Shoes: Converse

You might notice the brand of the sweatshirt? Routine Baseball strikes again. I love this one for it's subtle baseball reference. If you think back you'll remember my bae seball tee and my baby got bats tee. But this lightweight sweatshirt is my FAVE of the batch. Because it is the perfect in between sweater top that I can wear for all the season. I love to pair it with my boyfriend jeans for a casual look that is also socially acceptable over leggings. And then to make it an outfit for a woman on the go - converse for the win. A simple outfit for everyday. What does your outfit on replay look like?
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