Floral Maxi


The other day I was having a conversation with my friend Kaylynn about clothing items - more specifically a pair of floral joggers that we both loved - and she said to the effect of, "They will probably be going on sale soon, no one where florals in fall. Florals aren't a fall thing." And I know at that moment she was just trying to put something into perspective for me because she is a no rules kind of woman. But it just didn't click. Because HELLO, FLORALS! I will wear florals all year. And to prove it. I am start right now with this floral maxi.

Dress: Agnes & Dora
Hat: Aro & Co
Sandals: Target

Okay. So yeah, it all depends on the floral. But I think you can make florals work in the fall. And this dress is the perfect example. With the dark background and the deep colors, it is a perfect florals in fall piece. To give it a little more fall feel I paired it with a black felt hat to add some drama and depth to the outfit. But of course I still wore sandals because I can and I really hate sweaty feet. If it is still warm, wear sandals. No need to coop those babies up in boots just in the name of fall.

But my friends. Back to this dress. I cannot say enough positive things about Agnes and Dora. My love for them started with leggings. Then it grew to pencil skirts and simple tops. And now dresses! I have two - this one included - that are constantly on repeat in my closet. They are a good thick material that isn't see through, but they are also light so I never feel like I am drowning in material. All that plus POCKETS. Need I say more? Pockets! But beyond all that. I really do love Agnes and Dora for the simplicity that is their clothing. They have a few cuts and then they make that cut in different patterns and fabrics throughout the year. So once you find something you love you can roll with it. This maxi is by far my favorite from the collection though. For the design and for the florals. Because guess what - floral in the fall are okay and I do what I want. What are your feelings about florals in the fall? What pattern would you pick for your maxi?
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